F.A.A.A.Q’s (Frequently Asked & Answered Questions)

We can’t say it enough – It’s free to register and update your shop info on Mallguide and on this website as often as you like! If you’re having problems registering, please email us

1. Registration: Once I have a registered username, password and specified my shop and mall, what then?
  You registration needs to be approved by your mall marketing consultant or by Mallguide. This could take a little while. If you need instant approval, contact Mallguide directly during office hours. Once you’ve been sent an activation mail, you can login by going to the Mallguide website or by clicking the tenant Login link from this website.
2. FREE Benefits: What precisely can shops do for FREE once registered?
Edit your Shop information, including description, trading hours, category, keywords, contact details, cards accepted, PRODUCTS or BRANDS...
Enter / edit contact email and cells for shop Owner(s), Manager(s), Head Office, Financial Manager(s)
Add / Edit / Delete Competitions, Promotions, Gift Ideas and Jobs.
Upload shop images
3. SHOPS Display: Why aren’t my images and all my info on Mallguide showing on the website?
  Mall websites designed by Finegrafix can be in Phase 1 or Phase 2. When in Phase 1, shops will basically display the Shop Name, Category and Contact Number. When in Phase 2, the shop will display on the website as on Mallguide, with the full description, images and all listed happenings and details.
4. Competitions: So I can run my own online competitions?
  YES. And it’s FREE. You can load competitions on Mallguide. You will be able to manage and view responses from your login panel. The competition will display under “Competitions” on Mallguide and will display on the mall website if the competitions section is available. Competitions are a GREAT way to build databases.
5. Confidentiality: Who accesses my information and what isn’t displayed for public viewing?
  Mallguide has built in security features that only allow access to approved admin users. This applies to all Mall and Tenant information, as well as databases that you build through our Fineclient systems (see question 7 below). For a specific Shop, only the Mall Marketing Consultant / Centre Management, the Registered, Approved Shop User and Mallguide have the ability to view and edit all information via a login and password. When adding or editing tenant contact details, please remember:
the Contact Person information is displayed for public viewing on Mallguide
the Owner, Manager 1, Manager 2, Manager 3, Head Office, Financial Manager information is NOT displayed for public viewing and can only be viewed and accessed by the Approved Shop User, the Mall Marketing Consultant / Centre Management and Mallguide.
6. SMS and Email: What about Tenant communication?
  Mallguide is the preferred system for bulk SMS and Email Tenant Communication. Mall Marketing / Centre Management can send communications to tenant cell numbers and emails loaded within the Mallguide system for their centre. This is why it’s important to make sure Tenant Contacts (Owner, Manager 1, Manager 2, Manager 3, Head Office, Financial Manager) information is up to date and includes the correct cell numbers and / or email addresses.
7. I want to communicate via SMS and Email Newsletters to my own databases. How?
  In the spirit of constantly improving our service offering and making our user interfaces easy to use and super friendly, we've now made it possibly to communicate with and grow your own databases (newsletter subscribers, shoppers, loyalty clubs and so forth)all from your Mallguide Control Panel!
  Fine Client Members(Databases)
view, add, edit or delete members’ information
download Members’ Information as an Excel document
create various Member Groups and a member may belong to various groups
define custom Member fields in order to cater for each individual group
upload existing databases
  Fine Client Communication(SMS & E-mail Newsletters)
able to communicate directly to “All Members, or to a Group”
works in tandem with the Member Module
you'll be able to SMS or send Personalised Emails to your database
purchase communication credits according to your needs
  E-mail Newsletters
Email templates will be designed and loaded by Finegrafix and from thereon you'll be able to compose your own Monthly, NewsFlash or New Product Newsletter and send it to your database with a couple of easy mouse clicks.
  Batch SMSing and SMS Competitions
You can compile an SMS message and send to ALL or just Selected Members. Ask us about setting up 5 digit number SMS Competitions
8. Additional paid for options
  MALLGUIDE WEBSITE: Advertising your Mall, Shop or Business on the Mallguide website is an affordable solution which will raise awareness and uplift your profile to the daily visitors.

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MALLGUIDE NEWSLETTER: Mallguide offers you the ideal opportunity to promote your product or service inside any of our participating electronic newsletters. This brilliantly cost effective advertising is added into our highly popular and informative opt-in e-newsletters, distributed to our database of eager shoppers.

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